Lower your Carbon Footprint with Solar

One of the most important parts of a successful solar installation is that the installation is done by a licensed solar installer. Unless a skilled and licensed solar installer does not ensure that the solar panels are fitted correctly on the roof of your home or business, you won’t notice any difference in your electricity […]

How going Solar can actually end up paying you!

Solar power is one of the most wonderful innovations in the field of green technology because of the accessibility and availability of this abundant resource across Australia. The installation of a solar power system may require a significant upfront investment but the payback it offers over the long run is well worth the initial investment. […]

Why are higher quality solar panels higher in price?

As advancements are made in the field of solar technology, the installation of solar panels has become a widely popular choice for people across Australia. Over the recent years, one of the most popular renewable sources of energy in Australia is the installation of solar power systems. The benefits of going green with the installation […]

Things to keep in mind when going Solar

When deciding to go green with the installation of solar panels, one of the best tips before making your final decision is research, research and more research! The Australian market is currently flooded with numerous options not only for solar brands but also solar companies with each company promising to offer you the most competitive […]

Benefits of installing an On Grid solar power system in 2022

The benefits of installing a solar power system are now commonly known to the Australian population. This is clearly reflected by the substantial increase in solar power installations across Australia. Some of the common reasons most individuals have gone solar across Australia are –   the financial benefits the government rebates the reduced carbon footprint […]

Importance of Skilled Installers in Australia

Going solar is one of the wisest decisions you can make with respect to the positive impact it has on the environment as well as the financial benefits of substantial savings that come along with switching to this clean energy source. When deciding to go solar, it is important and highly encouraged that you do […]

Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The utility prices across Australia continue to rise making the task of having to pay our bills at the end of each quarter something we often dread doing. In this article we aim to share some useful tips and tricks with you to help you save significantly on your bills. One of the most effective […]

Review and History of Q CELLS Solar Panels

Overview of Q Cell Solar Panels Q Cells panels which are also known as Hanwha Q Cell is one of the most popular solar panel manufacturer known across Australia. Q Cells develops and produces mono and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels. Q CELLS is a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer that makes high […]