Splurge during the holiday season the smart way

Tips for an energy efficient holiday 

Holidays are all about parties, decorating our homes, finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones and food. However, we often forget to be energy-conscious while lighting up our homes and towns while celebrating. Celebrations should be about spending quality time with your family and friends without worrying about high electricity bills. Here are some ways to be energy efficient and save a little extra for those presents. 

Light up your homes the eco-friendly way 

Lighting inside and outside the home is a big part of decorations for several people. Switching to energy-efficient options like LEDs or solar string lights can significantly lower your power consumption. LEDs use 90 per cent less electricity than regular lights and last longer. Solar-powered lights are safer and easier to install, as they do not require any extension cords running across your home. They do not need any electricity, are easy to maintain and look exceptionally pleasant. 

Give the gift of sustainability 

Solar-powered flashlights, phone chargers, lights, crank radios and other gifts that do not draw electricity from the grid are unique and innovative. 

Smart tech gifts can help the recipient save energy and money while providing control, convenience and security. They are not necessarily expensive, for instance, smart plugs that provide control over energy use remotely are quite affordable. 

If electronic appliances are on your gift list, then buy ENERGY STAR-certified products that use up to 60 per cent less electricity than non-certified electronics. 

If you live in a location that experiences frequent power blackouts, a generator that recharges with a solar panel could be the best gift that helps your loved ones stay safe and reduce their electricity bills. 

Bake several holiday meals together 

The oven uses a lot of electricity, especially while baking big holiday meals, cookies and cakes. With energy-efficient cooking, you can bake several dishes together, reducing the time your oven is on. Simply, group the things that cook at the same temperature. Besides that, resist the urge to open the oven door to check again and again. The temperature in the oven can lower up to 25% each time you open the door. This will result in higher electricity usage to heat up the oven again. You can also put a lid while cooking in a pot. It reduces cooking time and the food is cooked evenly while using less energy. 

Avoid phantom energy drain while you’re out on a vacation 

Many electronics and appliances suck energy even when they are turned off. So if you are planning on being away for a long time, unplug these ‘energy vampires’ before you leave. This is the easiest tip to save extra energy while you are away. 

Enjoy holidays the smart way 

It’s perfectly normal to splurge during the holidays, but be smart about how you do it. Celebrate energy-efficient holidays with LEDs, solar lights, investing in solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters, smart tech and eco-friendly gifts and cooking. It’s a perfect way to relax and confidently enjoy holidays without worrying about unnecessarily hyping up your electricity bill. That’s a real holiday joy, isn’t it? 

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