Are GoodWe inverters a good choice? Let’s find out.

Deciding to switch to solar is easy, but deciding on the right components for your solar system is less so. GoodWe is one the leading manufacturers of high quality solar panels that are affordable too. In fact, Bloomberg has ranked them amongst the Top 10 manufacturers of solar inverters globally. Based in China, the company has a huge research and development team that is constantly working to produce reliable and economical inverters for residential and commercial projects.

Leading manufacturers of hybrid inverters

One of the key differentiators that sets GoodWe apart is their hybrid inverters, making them the go-to choice if your solar system includes a battery or you plan to add a battery in the future. 

According to Solar Choice GoodWe has the largest range of storage inverters in the market including single phase LV hybrid solutions, single phase AC coupled retrofit solutions, single phase HV hybrid and three phase HV hybrid. 

Designed to give you more

GoodWe inverters offer more Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) than their competitors across different inverter sizes, says Solar Choice, adding that the MS series is the only three MPPT single phase inverter in the Australian market. It eliminates the need to add a more expensive micro-inverter or power optimiser.

Sun Max Solar adds that they also allow a DC oversizing – installing a solar panel capacity that is higher than the inverter’s output potential – of 33-100% to help make up for panel efficiency losses and create an overall cost-effective solar design. 

Inverters you can rely on

When it comes to being reliable GoodWe inverters are amongst those at the top of the list, regularly performing well in independent tests, says Solar Run.  Queensland Solar and Lighting points out that GoodWe inverters are designed to be hardy, cost-effective and durable, making them a good choice for Australia’s harsh weather. They are also compatible with popular optimisers. 

Solar Choice further adds that while most inverters come with a standard five year manufacturer’s warranty, some series have an additional five years, during which only parts are replaced by the company. Furthermore, they launched an online warranty extension service which allows customers to extend the warranty period up to 25 years. 


Efficiency: 96.5%- 98.3%* 

DC oversizing: 33-100%**

Prince Range: Cost-effective

Warranty: Up to 25 years

*Source: Solar Choice

**Source: Sun Max Solar

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