Are Risen Solar panels the correct pick? Let’s find out.

Risen Solar is one of the top solar panel manufacturers, known for their high-quality panels. They have been ranked as a Tier-1 manufacturer by Bloomberg and are believed to be an efficient and economical choice.

Quality and performance first

According to GoSolarQuotes, Risen has invested a lot in research and development to ensure that its panels are top of the range in the market. All components are manufactured within the company and are fully automated, ensuring minimal human error and consistency in the quality of the solar panels. They have received commendable results in independent tests.  GEM Energy points out that Risen panels have an excellent module efficiency and Positive power tolerance of -0/+3%. They also claim that the solar panels are Certified Potential Induced Degradation (PID)-free. 

Solar Choice states that the Jäger series high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells deploy the world’s leading two-side-stack-passivation technology, SE (Selective Emitter) technology, low-temperature firing technology and enhanced current injection technology. Zen Energy similarly adds that Risen panels have the Industry-leading lowest thermal coefficient of power indicating that they are suitable for extreme temperatures. In an industry-wide performance testing of over 150 solar panels conducted by Photon Lab in Germany, Risen solar panels ranked 2nd and 6th overall.

Stralis Energy reveals that Risen Energy solar panels are certified as corrosion resistant, making their panels suited for harsh weather conditions. GoSolarQuotes adds that the mechanical load of the Risen panels is also good, with a 5400pa and 2400pa wind and snow load. For most Australian homes, Risen solar panels work well on roofs. They are durable and have adapted to local conditions, additionally, the Risen half-cut mono cells operate perfectly in shaded conditions.

Seal of approval

Sabro.com claims that Risen Panels have the most advanced cell equipment in the industry. According to them, Risen solar panels have passed several quality certifications like German TUV tests, UL, CE, and MSC. Smart House Solar adds that Risen Energy has received Gold Award, Top Runners, and several other awards. 


Efficiency Rating: 19.9 %-21.4% *

Temperature Coefficient: Around -0.39% **

Warranty: Up to 15-year product warranty with 25-year performance warranty

Pricing: Budget-friendly 


**Solar Choice

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